Washing Your Car: Tips for a Shiny Clean

by Mercedesz

If you are like many people, you take pride in your possessions, such as your car. You want it to look its best as you drive around town. However, have you ever washed your own vehicle? You may be a regular at the car wash, but there are times when you should take the time to thoroughly wash your vehicle. These are some tips to help you get your car clean and shiny.Choose the Right Supplies

When you found that new CDJR for sale, you probably felt great about getting a vehicle you need and want. However, to keep it looking new, you need to choose the right supplies when you clean it. Gather together your bucket, car wash sponge, and a few microfiber rags.

Inappropriate soap products, including dish soap, can make your vehicle paint and trim dull. Instead, choose a soap product made for vehicles. Also, get cleaners for bug residue, hard water, and petroleum-based contaminants if necessary. Don’t forget the car wax.Pre-rinse and Soap Up

Before you start to wash your car, you should pre-rinse it to wash away the sharp debris that can scratch your vehicle as you scrub it. Fill your bucket with clean, soapy water. Use your sponge or a rag to scrub the dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior. Start with the top of your vehicle and work down so you don’t transfer dirt and debris to areas you already cleaned.

Consistently replace your water and cleaning rags as they get dirty. Avoid dropping any of your rags or sponges on the ground because they can pick up additional dirt and particles that can scratch your paint. Grab a clean rag or sponge and continue your car wash if you drop your originals.Rinse and Dry

Avoid using a jet spray for your final rinse. Instead, use an indirect spray. Then, dry your vehicle with a microfiber towel. This protects your paint from the abrasiveness found in natural fibers and polyester. Microfiber is also more absorbent and won’t transfer water to other parts of your vehicle.  Wax and Windows

Once your car is clean and dry, start applying your wax. Use clean towels to apply the wax evenly as the product instructions direct. Avoid getting wax on your mirrors, trim, and moldings, and manage the amount you get in the cracks near these moldings. Also, avoid getting wax into your door jams. Use a clean towel to remove and buff the wax after you apply it.

Don’t forget to wash your windows with a proper cleaner. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean both the inside and outside of your car windows.Final Tips

Avoid washing or waxing your vehicle in direct sunlight because it can leave soap and water spots. After your cleaning process, consider lubricating the latches and hinges on your vehicle. Consider touching up any chips in your paint. After your car wash, spend some time making the inside as clean as the outside.Enjoy Your Clean Vehicle

When you hand wash your vehicle, you can get rid of all the dirt and debris as well as protect your paint and make it shine. Although it takes time, you will feel greater appreciation and pride in your vehicle’s appearance.

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