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by Mercedesz

It’s not easy to find a site like Mega Personals 2024. They’re looking for a very specific website that offers something very specific. Well, these are the sites closest to Mega Personals. Suppose you have a question of “how,” read the next section. We made sure to include a website that meets everyone’s needs. All of them are easy to use and understand. If you are a first-time user, we have also listed some safety tips to help you stay safe. The bottom line? You can find  Mega Personals alternatives here, and it’s guaranteed.

How are these sites similar to Mega personals?

The first question is how comparable these sites are to Mega personals. This is because the sites I have listed offer classified ads and are mostly limited to adult content. Yes, I have also published many alternatives to backpage and craigslist personal.

 I have tried to include websites that offer the following features:

 • No registration or payment required.

• Offers escorts /dating and other adult services.

 • It is accessible worldwide.

• It has an “ad”-like interface. If you are looking for non-adult content, check out the long list of sites like Craigslist, which offer ads for vehicles, housing, programming, clothing, and anything else you can imagine.

Legal Disclaimer

This article does not promote or encourage prostitution or other illegal activities. It is a list of sites where adults can meet. This article has been compiled for educational and research purposes only. We have no control over these third-party websites, the advertisements that appear on them, or the people who post them. Please ensure that all activities (including payment for sexual services) are legal in your jurisdiction. We take no responsibility for your actions.

How can you stay safe on sites like Mega Personals?

I include this section in most of my articles on escorting/dating, but it’s even more relevant in the context of Mega Personals. Let me tell you why. Some of these Mega Personals alternatives allow sex trafficking, prostitution, and other illegal activities – not “knowingly” or “intentionally” – because they have no control over what gets posted on these sites. You could become a victim of scammers, catfishes, or even the police. Therefore, your physical and legal safety is paramount. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

·        It’s tempting to call as soon as you see an ad. To do this, never use your main number or a number listed in your financial records (bank/credit card/PayPal, etc.).

·        When contacting or registering, never use your real name or provide your real address.

·        Do not carry extra cash or documents when meeting your escort or date.

·        Payment should be withheld until the job is completed. It’s common for people to say they left something in their car, take their money, and never get it back.

·        Always verify the person’s identity before meeting. A quick video call is usually the best option, and if not, ask them to send you a photo of themselves in a specific pose.

·        Never accept substitutes. Your partner might say they were detained for X reason and send their best friend. This is not a good idea.

·        If you’re driving to the rally, rent a car, as your license plate can reveal all the information about you.

·        And make sure you get a VPN. In some areas/regions, it’s illegal to hire an escort/prostitute. A VPN protects your personal information from websites, law enforcement, and other third parties.

9 Best Sites Similar to Mega Personals in 2024

  1. Localxlist 

The tagline that best describes Localxlist is “affairs and secret dating.” Yes, Localxlist is for affairs. Even if you are single, the platform values ​​”discretion” or “anonymity.”  Please note that the purpose of this website is not to connect you with escorts. It is to connect you with people who need an escape from a settled life.

In most cases, no payment is asked, and you can meet and have a good time. The app that you can download to your phone (iOS/Android) does not indicate that it is from Localxlist. Similarly, all payments made to Localxlist appear to be made from a different name, and Localxlist does not appear anywhere. I would like to know if you can find active users. It is the most active community in the world, with over 60 million registered members.  Of all the sites like Mega Personals on this list, this is the one with the most features. You can chat in real-time, add friends, and even create “private albums.” You can also hide your identity with the built-in masks and filters on your profile picture.

2.      Find bare 

Sex Town. That’s not a completely wrong name for AFF. That’s it. Every profile I see is nude or semi-nude. That’s a good thing if you’re looking for a sexual partner or escort, right? It is a full-fledged social network and offers more features than most other social networks. You can add friends, send gifts and tips, participate in video calls, chat in real time, and much more. User profiles are very detailed and share everything you want to know about your partner. They also offer a ton of filters so you can search for the person you are looking for. Yes, registration is mandatory. They are also very active, and you can find hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of them at any given time. Registration and use are free, but some specific features may require a subscription. Like Localxlist, AFF is not a “pay for sex” site per se. Most users will be happy to share their bed with you simply because they want to.

3.      Porn pair 

My favorite alternative to Mega Personals is Porn Compare. I like this for three reasons. First of all, other competitors offer less than half as good search filters. Secondly, it’s made specifically for hiring escorts. The interface is very professional and modern, and the listings are much better.  You can search for a specific “service type.” This may include escort/BDSM/online services or FBSM. It is the only alternative to Mega Personals  that lets you choose an “hourly rate.” The age filter allows you to specify the exact age you want in a partner. Then, you can also choose an ethnicity.

Available options include Asian/Black/Hispanic/White/Middle Eastern, etc. There are also about a dozen body types to choose from. You can select from petite, slim, toned, curvy, average, and even (warning!) pregnant. Why not choose breast size? Size? Or eye and hair color? Yes, it’s all possible. The platform enjoys a lot of user activity so that you won’t be left behind in a ghost town.  You can also set a “distance range.” For example, enter “New York” as the region and search within 5/15/30/60 miles of the selected region. The entries are very detailed. They even have profile pictures, locations, and prices! In fact, all the prices for the different services (calls/calls/digital entertainment) are displayed separately. It also shows whether you have a companion. It’s completely free. 

4.      Porn aroma 

The name makes what it’s about pretty clear, right? This website allows you to search for adult services. It’s very simple and is one of the most feature-rich  Megapersonals on this list.  You can book female escorts, shemale escorts, body massages, and M4M escorts. Other services available include strip clubs, BDSM providers, swinger clubs, trans shows, and more. Available in any country around the world. All you have to do is select your country and region. No registration or anything else is required, of course. Note that they do not allow sex trafficking or “exchange of sexual favors for money or other valuables.”  They have a strange requirement that you be “at least 21 years old,” meaning that even if you’re over 18, you can’t legally use it.

5.      Pornpander 

Pornpander is very popular at the moment, and for good reason. Two main features characterize Pornpander. First, photos that have been verified to be genuine are marked with a “Verified” tag. Second, you can read “reviews” that other users have left on these listings. The site’s right panel also displays various listings. For example, the Alligator list (link above) is for “everyone.” However, you can also choose from other lists such as MILFY, AA OK (black friendly), Trans X, Ay Papi (Latin), Asian, Man Up (gay), etc. There are no traditional filters, but these lists make up for that. You can choose your region from Canada/US/Europe/Oceania. Yes, it’s not necessarily available “everywhere.” The entire website is filled with classified ads for escorts and other similar services, with the entries almost always listing their age and contact number.

6.      My Porn Ads 

A clever use of the name. This site allows you to get to know (and hire) escorts. It’s very easy. All you have to do is select who/what you’re looking for and your area. There are no other search filters, which is admittedly a bit disappointing. You can find male/female trans escorts, massage providers, masochists, and other fetish fulfillers, etc. Here, you often see people trying to redirect you to  OnlyFans or other social media accounts. Each listing usually includes a few photos and a description of what the person can do for you. Contact information is generally available but sometimes needs to be obtained manually through social media channels. No registration is required to browse the platform. Ironically, you can only sign up if you post an ad. “No,” you can’t post an ad and then sign up.

7.      Babyescorts 

Baby escorts allows you to have a baby escort (of course). Before you get your hopes up, it’s limited to the US. If you’re looking for fun outside the US, scroll down (or up).  It’s very active, and most of the ads you see are only published a few minutes or hours before, no matter when you check. The profiles look a bit more professional than most other adult ad sites. You’ll see contact numbers along with a large profile picture. There’s also a text description, location, age, and more. There’s also a “Reviews/Flags” tab to help you filter out scammers and catfishers. Of course, only “women” can post ads here. No registration is required, so technically, anyone can do this. Men can post reviews, too, though. Registration and email verification are required to post ads. There aren’t many search filters, which might be a hassle for some.

8.      Porncount

It’s an almost exact clone of Backpage. Even though the FBI seized Backpage, not everyone is as scared. Yes, it has an adult category like Backpage. Among other categories, “adult” is a category with male and female escorts, chiropractors, strippers, dominatrix, and fetish entertainers. Yes, there are different categories like community, dating, services, buying and selling, real estate, vehicles, etc. It’s the same as Backpage, so the interface, listings, etc. are all the same. Entries are mostly text-based and include a contact number and a few details. No registration is required to browse, but you will need to log in (through Google) to post an ad. Yes, it’s available worldwide.

9.       Datingroot 

Datingroot is an ad site that posts hookups and sex in more respectable terms. The interface is very similar to that of Backpage, Craigslist, or other ad sites. It is entirely dedicated to sex. Available in all parts of the US and Europe. Sorry, if you are in Asia, you will have to choose another option from this list. Once you select your region, you will see a list of available services. These often include escorts, strippers, strip clubs, cam girls, body massagers, etc. You don’t necessarily have to pay! If you look in the “Dating” section, you will see entries for Female > Male escorts, Male > Female, Transgender, etc. These are entries from people wanting to socialize and are not necessarily about “money.” The entries are shorter than we would normally like. However, you do have enough information about the person and how to contact them. There is also a category called “Dating > No Strings Sex” that shows you what MegaPersonals does. It is not mandatory to register, share any personal information, or even pay. In most cases, none of this is required. However, I did find a few entries that redirected me to unsafe third-party websites, so be careful.

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