Mastering 3DJobber: A Comprehensive Guide to Posting Your 3D Printing Projects

by Dany

In the fast-evolving realm of additive manufacturing, platforms like 3DJobber serve as vital connectors between innovative minds and the 3D printing services they require. Whether you’re a designer, a small business, or a large corporation, understanding how to effectively utilize 3DJobber can significantly enhance your production processes and bring your creative projects to fruition. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to post projects on 3DJobber, ensuring that you effectively communicate your needs and successfully engage with the right 3D printing services.

Step 1: Register and Set Up Your Account

To begin utilizing 3D printing services on 3DJobber, you first need to create an account. Navigate to the 3DJobber website and choose the option to sign up. You’ll be prompted to enter basic information such as your name, email, and password. Select whether you’re registering as an individual or a company, as this will tailor the platform’s features to better suit your needs. Once your account is active, you can access your personal dashboard which is central to managing and posting projects.

Step 2: Prepare Your Project Details

Accuracy and detail are key when preparing to post a project for 3D printing services. From your dashboard, select ‘Create New Project’ and begin detailing your requirements. Include comprehensive descriptions that cover the scope of the project, specific 3D printing techniques needed (such as SLA or SLS), material preferences, and any critical deadlines. Attaching relevant files, like 3D models or CAD drawings, will provide potential service providers with a clear understanding of what you expect.

Step 3: Define Your Budget and Timeline

Being transparent about your budget and project timeline is crucial in attracting professional 3D printing services. 3DJobber allows you to set a fixed price or to work with a flexible payment structure based on milestones or hours. Clearly defining your financial and time constraints not only streamlines the matching process but also sets clear expectations for potential collaborators.

Step 4: Publish and Manage Proposals

Once your project is crafted with all the necessary details, publish it to the 3DJobber marketplace. Skilled 3D printing freelancers will view your project and submit their proposals. This stage involves reviewing each candidate’s portfolio, experience, and their approach to your project. Use 3DJobber’s communication tools to ask follow-up questions or clarify project details, ensuring that you choose the most suitable provider for your needs.

Step 5: Select a Provider and Initiate the Project

After evaluating the proposals and engaging with potential service providers, select the one that best meets your project’s requirements. Award the project and set up a contract through 3DJobber to ensure that all parties are clear about the scope, timeline, and payment terms. Effective communication is essential throughout the duration of the project, and 3DJobber’s platform facilitates this by allowing you to manage your project directly from your dashboard.

Step 6: Review and Finalize

As your project nears completion, stay proactive in requesting updates and providing feedback. Once the project is delivered, review the work thoroughly to ensure it meets all specified requirements. If satisfied, finalize the project by approving the work and completing the payment. Remember to provide feedback on the service provider, as this helps improve the 3DJobber community.


Posting your 3D printing project on 3DJobber can dramatically streamline how you bring your digital designs into the physical world. By following these steps, you’ll not only maximize the platform’s potential but also contribute to a thriving community of innovators and creators. Whether you are prototyping a new idea or producing bespoke products, 3DJobber is your gateway to accessing top-tier 3D printing services.

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